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The current-day labour market is extremely dynamic and increasingly challenging for employers.There has even emerged a kind of employee labour market in which it is candidates who decide on their employment conditions. And one of their most frequent expectations towards a prospective employer is the opportunity for development. This phenomenon has its solid scientific underpinning. Below, you will find the project titled A Specialist in passing on and sharing knowledge within an organization, which is an example of a development program .

Project Offer:

A Specialist in passing on and sharing knowledge within an organization (PDF)

 Benefits for the company:

Project goals:

Project description:

The project is designed for employees with expertise and skills in a chosen discipline. These are most frequently, employees with a long record in an organization who are more interested in developing their skills than in vertical promotion. My research on the expectations of the most highly motivated employees shows that they desire a richer development offer than other groups of employees. The program meets all these needs by providing them with new competences and the Certificate of an expert. Additionally, thanks to this project, the company learns how to retain specialist knowledge and motivate employees with rich professional experience.

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